Microsoft Plans to Introduce 3D Touch Technology on Windows Phone

Pushing the technology envelope further, Microsoft has said that they are planning to introduce 3D Touch work technology that works on the basis of Kinect-like gestures. In one of their new videos, Microsoft has revealed that they are currently working on this technology which has more number of sensors that can allow the phone to understand how the phone has been held and how finger gestures can be used by customers to handle different features on the phone. The new Microsoft Research video claims that Microsoft has been working on this technology since 2014 and that they did try to come up with such a smartphone, but cancelled it mainly because developers had a hard time trying to build compatible apps.

While Samsung and Sony both have tried their hands on building such devices, but Microsoft has exceeded in terms of user expectations and the way the device understands human gestures and interactions. Now, it all depends on how Microsoft is able to break the trend and make this concept a reality for users to use it.

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