Apple TV Gets 1080p High Definition

On Wednesday at a special event in San Francisco Apple unveiled a new TV model with support for 1080p video. The TV arrives with a new user interface making the user end experience a much simpler one. The new Apple TV is distinctive from its predecessors for its 1080p HD Video support. Apple TV’s in t he past supported 720p HD video. Owing to this fact, in the past, Apple used to sell 720 p videos via the Apple store. With the launch of Apple TV, iTunes will now house 1080p videos.

If you don’t have a fast internet connection then you don’t need to stream 1080p content. Apple TV software permits you to select the stream resolution. Standard definition, 720p or 1080p are the choices you have at your disposal. You can now redownload films you bought on any device. iTunes will now offer 1080p movies so that best quality videos can be viewed on the new Apple TV. Apple’s Genius function is incorporated in the new Apple TV. It will help to recommend films based on your download trend.

Lookwise, the new Apple TV is akin to the previous model. In spite of the fact that they appear similar, the new Apple TV uses a more-powerful A5X chip instead of the A4 chip used in the former Apple TV’s. The new Apple TV is expected to hit the market on 16th March, 2012. It will be offered at $99 which is the same price as before.

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