Why You Should Invest In Cloud Computing For Your Business Data Management [infographic]

A report carried out by Forbes has estimated that by the year 2019, 90% of the worldwide mobile traffic will be from cloud applications. Think about that for a second. In the digital world of today, we carry our lives around with us on our mobile phones. Imagine if you could have all that personal data, from your photos to your messages, available online at all times, accessible from anywhere through an internet connection!

Cloud computing is set to take over from solid storage in the years to come, and now is the perfect time for you to move your business data over to the cloud. You certainly wont be alone. A recent study by the Aberdeen Group suggested that 69% of CIOs are planning to spend a significant amount of their budget on Cloud technology in the years to come.

As seen in the infographic by TSG, the benefits of cloud computing are plenty. With an incredible 1.6 billion different permutations to choose from, depending on what youre in the market for, you can select the solution thats right for you. Get ahead of the game, and shift over to the cloud now.

Cloud Computing For Your Business Data Management

[Infographic created by UK IT Support Solutions Company, TSG]

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