GSM-Tel Notifies You When the Explosion Vent Sets Off

Technology advancements are bringing astonishing gadgets for our convenience. Eflab Limited has also produced a tech miracle with their smart idea of integrating standard explosion vent detection with GSM technology and created an updated and wire free burst detection system. Behold the GSM-Tel! The system in all its originality sends immediate notifications to your mobile phone as soon as the explosion vent activates. As a global producer of rupture discs, explosion vents and related detection systems, Elfabs intelligent pressure relief systems safeguard people, buildings and surroundings.

GSM technology

Image by Wikimedia Commons

GSM-Tel is specially designed to operate in remote areas. With its dual channel sensing system, it can be interfaced with various explosion vent designs manufactured by Elfab. These designs are available in a vast variety of sizes and shapes to be used for multiple applications. The designs include single and multi-layer systems in addition to flat and curved constructions. They are all compatible with GSM-Tel and easy to configure. The remote monitoring system improves Elfabscurrent Vent-Tel detection system making it suitable for different customers. Elfabs conventional Vent-Tel functions through a simple reed switch and magnet technology. It is a practical solution for detecting explosion vent initiation. It shuts down the system as soon as it detects activation.

Apart from delivering a fully custom is able (via simple online software) text alert without being non-invasive to the process, GSM-Tel offers extensive features and benefits. These include simple installation and setup, virtually maintenance free system, compatibility with Eflabs full explosive vent design range, excellent monitoring of remote destinations, non-adjacent to the process, text notifications to almost 10 users, acceptance to standard size GSM network SIM card, easy up gradation of existing installations, maximum range achieved through 10m extension panel (Vent-Tel) with the explosion vent panel, inclusion of less wiring and cost-effectiveness.

The GSM-based burst detection system is battery-operated and provides 2 years of service (easily modified to a longer duration with minimum maintenance) without the need of any external power source. Upgrading Elfabs traditional Vent-Tel detector to GSM-Tel improves monitoring and simplifies maintenance. This type of tracking system is also made available on request in the form of ATEX enclosure (optional) for easy operation under strict conditions.

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