Hosted Video Definition, Benefits and Types

Hosted video applications are what you require to secure and grow your business. If you are wondering to know more about hosted video, check out this blog post by UMIX.

Hosted Video Definition

Hosted security solutions have progressed a great deal after the inception of cloud computing. Cloud computing allows a hosted video business to consume computer resources as a utility in contrast to setting up required infrastructure within the business facility.

Hosted video combined with cloud technology allows you to install security cameras, encoders and other monitoring devices around the premises and then leave the task of surveillance on the service provider.

Hosted Video

Why is hosted video an effective form of surveillance?

The hosted video technology is one of the best and effective forms of surveillance as you do not need any extra software, third party applications or install a utility on your computer system to view the live video feed. It works perfectly on the internet browser.

You also do not need any extra devices such as a DVR, NVR or relay service on your business site, as all these are managed within a safe data center.

Types of Hosted Video

There are various types of hosted video solutions and the most popular ones include:

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance covers third party services such as remote verification of any person entering the business premises, checking for false alarms or virtually guarding the site for any danger.

Video Enabled Business Management

Video enabled business management allows you to conveniently manage your business from home and keep a check on everything that is being carried out at the business. For example, through live cameras, you can inspect the delivery packages in the stock or keep an eye on the workforce.

Video-enabled guard force services

A video enabled guard force service allows you to handle a situation at your business easily by deploying security guards to the location. Keep an eye on the event through live security cameras and send security forces to take control.

Temporary surveillance

As the name suggests, temporary surveillance is ideal for businesses that require observance of an event for a limited time. This is the best and most cost effective surveillance method to ensure maximum security at your event.

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