New Sony Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX goes faster

In a world where time really matters speed is something that everybody is looking for. Hence, Sony has come out with the right solution for a world where impatience is the daily trend. Sony has recently announced that launch of their new memory stick PRO-HG Duo HX which is said to be the fastest memory stick every to be launched in the market. Sony claims that this memory stick has the speed limit of 50MB/ sec transfer rates which is way too high than some of the quickest memory sticks out there in the market.

This is certainly good news for all photographers as they will now be able to transfer their pictures instantly at a click of their camera button. This can even speed up the transfer rates inside the camcorder and provide better experience for the shooter. Sony has announced that the top speed of this new memory card is 1.6 times faster than the earlier Memory Stick PRO HG Duo HX cards. Although, Sony has upgraded the speed factor in this memory stick but the company has decided to keep it at the same price as the earlier memory stick to capture the market.

Sony will be launching this memory stick in capacities that starts with 8GB and goes up to 32GB. Sony is sure that this memory stick will be a definite hit with all the photographers who love to shoot their pictures on their DSLR and SLT digital cameras. The faster speed will enable the photographers to quickly click the pictures and get on with the next shot rather than wait for few seconds to get the pictures transferred on the memory card. To provide a live example, Sony tried the new memory stick with Sony NEX-5 ultra compact camera and they were able to click 190 jpeg pictures in just one minute using the high speed burst shooting mode. It has actually doubled the number of images because the same camera was teamed up with earlier Sony memory sticks and photographers were only able to shoot 80 jpeg images with it. Sony has said that this memory card is certainly the best thing for recording Full HD and 3D movies for those who are passionate about capturing images. While transferring the same data from card to normal desktop computer or laptop the card was able to transfer 32GB movie in just 11 minutes which is twice as fast as any other SDHC cards.

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