Peeping Into the Future of Video Games: What Can We Expect?

The future of video games is without doubt bright, colorful and astonishing. Amid the dawn of Microsoft’s Kinect gaming podium and the rumors about PS4 and Xbox 720 hitting the market this year, the world of video gaming has emerged to the apex and perpetuates to evolve. High-definition graphic capabilities of modern games besides inclusive control systems of the present era vividly depict the very near future. There are many boulevards that can be looked at and this piece will cover some related concepts and the latest developments. So, the question is, what can we expect from the video games of the future?

Motion Control

With the contemporary expansion in motion control, it makes a lot of sense to guess that we will see extra developments in this field. The mammoth popularity of Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move demonstrates that there is still a huge market for these control systems with a lot of scope for conspicuous upgrading to be done. As the hardware and firmware become more receptive, we can expect game functions offered on these systems to perk up extraordinarily. Over the next two to three years, it is expected that these control systems will be acquainted with far more body movements, unlocking new avenues for developers.

Voice Recognition

To some degree, Kinect Xbox was guaranteed to deliver effectual voice recognition capabilities, but those who’ve experienced it, will recognize that it is still far from ideal. Nevertheless, with a number of voice recognition products currently luring our attention in the market such as Google Voice Search, it is expected that voice recognition is an element that will persist to be explored by developers. What’s envisaged is that the vocal coordination with characters within a game has to be completely real, and then only it would make up for an appealing gaming experience.

Augmented Reality (AR)


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Folks new to AR  need to know that AR is essentially a display that places over simulated imagery onto your actual real-world settings. Analogous to what one can see in The Terminator, this technology has an immense deal of potential. Taking into account the incumbent development in the augmented reality, it is feasible that we, in the near future, will be capable to walk down the street at the same time as seeing our favorite Star Wars characters wandering around us and undergoing fights at our whims. AR could surely add facets to the gaming industry, and though it is in a nascent phase now, other developments in this area are exceedingly expected.

Virtual Reality (VR)


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Virtual Reality is not a novel consideration, and the gaming industry has attempted a virtual reality method unproductively in the past in the shape of the Nintendo Virtual Boy. Virtual Reality now for years has been used in many industries, and as gamers ask for better interaction with their games, virtual reality could offer a possible substitute. Steven Spielberg expressed his views about virtual reality in the following words, “I really think virtual reality, which experimentally came and went in the eighties, is going to be redeveloped”. Virtual reality will give developers unlimited prospects and potential when scheming new systems.

Brain Control

There has been a sequence of fresh developments in brain control interfaces. This technology is still in its very nascent stage  but in the future, this is something we just cannot ignore. As our acquaintance with human brain gets better, these devices are only going to get improved and prove to be more responsive. It appears strange to imagine that in the future we would be adept to play video games with our minds. In our modern age, brain control games have a real potential to attract gaming industries.

Games for Health

As non-video game players will turn into a minority, healthcare providers will embark on to reward players who play games, which in turn exercise one’s body and brain with smaller premiums. Doherty once said, “Health insurance and wellness are going to start to creep into video games.” Therefore, with the increasing awareness about health in all walks of life, video games are not an exception to it.


These are just a few of the technologies presently being developed that could be applied and become useful to the video games industry. However, if we intend to glance into the future;, we will gather the potential nanotechnology has, in developing a gaming outfit that would offer the facility to touch and feel virtual surroundings. In fact, the video games industry has played it rather safe so far, and in the future I think we can imagine more advanced video game monsters and giants. As the latest technologies become more inexpensive and customer-friendly, the gaming industry will explode and we will witness an entire new line of development.

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