Protect Apple’s Latest Release with a Durable Vinyl Skin

It may be new, but the iPhone 7 Plus has been on the market long enough for you to know its ins and outs pretty well. You were on top of its release back at the start of September when Apple live streamed the new generations in San Francisco. You read through the attending critics initial reports, and you kept reading reviews as they came out later on. You put a lot of effort into learning about the new Plus so you can ensure youre getting the best specs for your money. For someone whos committed to uncovering everything about their mobile experience, you know your research doesnt end with the purchase of the phone. Despite how innovative the 7 Plus is, its like any other iPhone, in that its lacking both protection and a personalized look. Now its your job to find out the best accessory that can protect the phone without ruining its streamlined looks. When style is of equal priority to protection, then consider what a vinyl skin can do for you.

iPhone 7 Plus Skin

Apple may not include vinyl in their blueprints, but its a valuable addition to the iPhone. Indeed, its grime-resistant, water-resistant, and durable material is suitable for all smartphones. Thats because it will protect the fragile aluminum it covers from physical wear and tear that can cause cosmetic damages. With an iPhone 7 Plus skin wrapped around your device, you dont have to worry about sharp objects or coarse surfaces taking a bite out of the backing, buttons, or bezels. Attaching much like a sticker would (but with none of the annoying adhesives) it covers every part of the iPhone except for its pressure sensitive static home button and screen.

Considering how much of your 7 it will be covering, its vital that you invest in a skin that offers a tailor-made fit. Continue with your detailed research and look for a reliable manufacturer. While some may use vinyl in their products, not all of them will follow precision drawn blueprints based off of the 7 Plus. Dedicated designers like dbrand, on the other hand, have created a reliable process that promises a fit that matches the Plus down to the micro-millimeter. The iPhone 7 Plus skins at dbrand hug every curve and corner, fitting like a glove with no overlapping interfering with the way you hold or use your phone. Thats because theyve been made to measure in order to enhance both the look and the feel of the 7 Plus.

The texture of its grime- and water-resistant material makes it easy to clean, but it also makes it easier to handle, as it offers a better purchase for your fingers. This will limit the chances of it slipping from your hands, hitting the ground with an ominous crack, and having to repair a shattered screen. But its texture isnt just about feel. Its about looks too. The best skin iPhone 7 Plus users prefer can take on different finishes and colors, so you can personalize the style of your device. Textures like metals, leather, stone, wood, and carbon fiber can be matched with the true colors of green, purple, yellow, blue, and red.

The exact combination doesnt matter, as long its something you enjoy. What matters most is its fit and ability to protect your investment. So do yourself a favor and keep researching after youve bought your new Plus. Make sure you get a durable vinyl skin as impressive as the iPhone itself.

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