Watch Samsung Rollable Display Smartphones

Samsung has showcased a rollable OLED display at the 2016 SID Display Week in San Francisco and it sure looks gorgeous. The company has been working on curved displays for quite some time, and in fact used its technology in the Edge series, but thats not why those phones got popular.

Samsung Rollable Display Smartphones

Reportedly, the flexible display will be introduced in Galaxy X flagship smartphones. The folding screen displayed at the show features a Full HD resolution [1920 x 1080 pixels] and measures 5.7 inches diagonally. The OLED panel rolls in a metal cylinder of 10 mm radius on folding up. The OLED folding screen is extremely lightweight weighing just 5g with 0.3mm thickness excluding the touch layer.

OLED screens are an exciting technology which will shape up the entire Smartphone industry through the introduction of foldable small tablets and phablets. Reportedly, Samsungs rollable smartphone may fold in half similar to a wallet, but there are no confirmed reports on it.

The foldable technology is a new concept for the smartphones and handheld gadgets, but has already made its way to the television sets with LG displaying an amazing rollable TV early this year. With what has been displayed by both LG and now Samsung, the future of flexible screens looks promising.

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