Skype Launches App for PS Vita Users

Communication apps today are more important than anything else and therefore millions of smartphone users and even gamers feel that they need better apps that can allow them to make better communication. Now, Skype which is widely used by people all over the world for communication has said that they have come up with Skype Video and Voice Calling app for PlayStation Vita that will be available for all users through PlayStation official website. Skype said that they have been looking to provide this app earlier but they were trying to develop the app in a better way.

With Skype for PS Vita gamers will now be able to use PlayStation Vita for contacting and staying in touch with their friends and other gamers. Skype has also said that the PS Vita in Europe and Asia will be able to download the app on their PlayStation Vita from April 25. Since PS Vita has front and rear cameras, Skype app for PS Vita will allow Skype to Skype voice calling and video calling for all the users. The app will work in the background and therefore gamers can enjoy their games and let the app run in the background. They can pause the game and attend the call or make a call and then return back to their games whenever they want.

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