Smartphones that are Topping the Budget Conscious List

Mobile phone is an inevitable part of urban lifestyle. While you are on the move most of the time, the only way to feel connected with friends and family is through phones. As phones have become more and more popular with the masses, the focus has shifted from merely calling to a variety of other things. This has given birth to what we know as Smart phones. A Smartphone is the present of the phone world. it is undoubtedly going to dazzle the future as well.

Before we talk about the best budget smart phones of 2011 it is best to know what a Smartphone is. While many define Smartphone as high tech mobile phones there is much more to it. Smartphones some with highly advanced computing abilities and has better quality than any other feature phone. You can think of it as a mini computer having everything that is required. It has all sorts of features and can support applications like a computer. The Smartphone allows the user to multitask. Due to all these reasons, smart phones have gained high popularity amongst the people.

Best Budget Smartphones

According to the statistics there is a good chance that if a person is looking for a phone, they will end up buying a Smartphone. Buying a Smartphone does not necessary mean making a huge dent in your pocket. There are several budget smartphones available in the market.  The budget smartphones in 2011 are a step ahead and offers for great quality at a reasonable price.There are several good budget smartphones but the few that has made it to the top lists as the best budget smartphones are the following. There are available at a decent price and guarantee quality at the same time.

LG Optimus One:

This phone is specifically for the budget-concerned market. This has made it to the best budget Smartphone 2011 list. It is a hot favorite amongst the customers as well. Although it is cheap its excellent in its features. It comes with Wi-Fi, 3G, GPRS and android 2.2. All these features are in excellent condition. It also has a nice responsive touch screen. The whole package comes within a very small frame that can slip into the pocket very easily. Unfortunately, the camera available in this phone is not quite up to the standard of a Smartphone. The camera quality could have been significantly better. Even the voice quality has proved to be a dud and does not do much to suppress aggressive background noise. However, if these are not your priorities it is indeed a good buy. This budget Smartphone comes at a cool price of $ 245.

BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105:

This phone is great if you are into emails and instant messaging. This budget Smartphone is famous for this capacity. Blackberry phones have always been great for texting and instant messing and this phone thus ranks high in the best budget Smartphone list. However, this phone does not have a full QWERTY keypad like most of the blackberry phones. This budget Smartphone of 2011 is still pocket friendly and appeals to the customers. The fame of the budget Smartphone is primarily for its email capacities. It has also impressed the reviewers. The quality of the music player is a bit disappointing but still people have accepted it pretty well.

Samsung Galaxy Ace:

A great budget Smartphone of 2011, Samsung galaxy ace borrows quite a lot from the design of the iphone 4. However, it is still closer to the design of Samsung galaxy S. it has access to hundreds of online applications and is thus a good budget phone. Although it does not have great picture resolution, the touch screen is quite responsive. Gorilla glass is present so that it is free from scratches. All this comes at a very reasonable price of $ 326.

Samsung Wave 525:

This best budget Smartphone runs on its own operating system and does not have as many apps as an android design. However, it is still easy to use as any other best budget Smartphone. Although its features cannot claim to be the best, the music layer is very good and has a high battery life. The disappointing part of the Samsung wave is the lack of 3G connectivity while accessing internet. It does have a Wi-Fi connection so it is not a total dud in that area. It comes at a price of $130.

HTC Wildfire S:

This phone is quite reasonable on the best budget smartphone scenario. It performs great and comes with a number of features including 5Mp camera, 3G support and a responsive touch screen. The latest version of gingerbread is available and gives access to a large selection of games and apps.

These are undoubtedly some of the best budget Smartphone of 2011. The phones are not only decent in its functioning but also come with a reasonable price tag. These maintain the tag that why should the rich have all the fun.

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