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White iPod Touch: Should You Buy It?

Apple has been making some of the best iPods but nothing succeeds like iPod Touch because it has most of the features of iPhone and therefore it provides psychological satisfaction to those who would want to use iPhone but stay away from the monthly contracts and bills that are attached to it. The white iPod touch is something that people are looking for in the market because it looks great and it has some awesome features that music lovers will enjoy while they are on the move.


Let’s start with the design of white iPod Touch which looks very similar to iPhone when you take a quick look. The front side is dominated by large 3.5 capacitive touch screen while the back side of the iPod Touch is taken by camera lens which is again very similar to iPhone 4S camera. The Home button sits exactly below the touch screen and it is the lightest iPod which weighs only 3.56 ounces.


The real features of white iPod Touch are inside the gadget. It has the same A4 processor, three axis gyro sensor and Retina Display which is available on iPhone 4. The white iPod Touch also has impressive 960 x 640 pixel resolution to give users the same iPhone experience. On the back the camera supports 720p HD recording at 30 fps and the video files are stored as h.264, QuickTime and MP4 formats. All the recordings can be sync to your computer using USB cable or through Wi-Fi. The front facing camera is good for video calling but it still needs some kind of improvement. The toggle button allows users to switch between the two cameras on the iPod Touch.


The white iPod Touch is the fourth generation iPod that comes with iOS5 which also supports iCloud, iMessages, Reminders and Notifications. It has a strong battery which can play audio for 40 hours and video for 7 hours. Hence, it certainly has the longest battery life in the history of iPods. However, if users want they can disable certain features to extend their battery life beyond these numbers.

Music Experience

Music is the main reason behind the evolution of white iPod Touch and therefore users can have impressive music experience with this gadget. Using Apple’s iTunes software users can sync their music collection, podcasts, audiobooks, music videos and free educational lectures directly.

Video Experience

The most important feature that iPod Touch derives from iPhone is Face Time and white iPod Touch also comes with Face Time feature. Although, the Face Time feature remains the same they have differences when you use it on white iPod Touch. Since iPod Touch is not a cell phone it does not have Contact List or phone numbers and therefore users will have to create an account with their email address and all the information will be synced directly. On the other hand, if you are downloading or watching video files you can enjoy great videos on white iPod Touch and it supports file in H.264, MPEG4, AVI, DivX and XviD format.

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