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Google Updates Google Docs for Android

Google has been working hard to come up with better products that can help people to explore the power of internet in a better way. Google have been keeping an eye on the rise of Android and how consumers all over the world are making use of Android smartphones to make things simpler for themselves. Now, Google has gone ahead and improved their Google Docs that can help Android users all around the world to read, edit and view their documents in a better way. The improvement of Google Docs is really welcomed all over the globe as there are many users who handle their business while they are on the go and having a better view of their documents only makes things better.

Google recently made an announcement that they have updated their Google Docs app for Android which means that Android users now can have better productivity because they can view their documents in a better way without zooming their documents too much. With the new updates that Google has incorporated in Google Docs app users can now see real time updates as and when other people type in their computers or smartphones or even tablets for that matter.

Google Docs App for Android

The interface has become intelligent which means that users can either zoom the entire document or zoom on specific paragraphs or even view the entire document in one scene. Google has also incorporated rich text formatting to the app so that users can now create bullets list or even add colors to their documents.

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