The Evolution Of Video Games

How often do you play video games? If you’re reading this article, probably pretty regularly. Some people even game so much, its their full-time profession. Games can also be put to good educational use, and they might even be good for your brain in a whole number of ways!

But do you know the full history that led to the development of your video games as they stand today? Lets take a journey through the course of video game history, and you can see if you know as much as you thought.

History of Video Games

Image by Wikimedia Commons

The birth of video games

The very first games actually came shortly after the very first rudimentary computers. These games don’t look very familiar to modern video games and the computers they were designed for were massive, owned by university researchers. Nonetheless, these early experiments saw a lot of basic concepts developed that laid the foundations for the games we play today.

Early classics

Before too long, games started to become commercially available, both as coin-operated arcade machines and the first generation of home consoles. Some classic games from this 1970s era are still played today think Pong and Space Invaders.

Golden Age of Arcade

Arcade video games quickly became a hit, redefining recreation within a few years. Console games developed alongside them, with the second and third generation machines working through a lot of the teething problems and introducing games into the home from arcades. Meanwhile, games were beginning to be developed for the increasingly popular personal computers (PCs) a trend that would rapidly pick up steam.

Rise in PC gaming

Advancement in PC processing power and graphics cards spawned a new generation of games on PC, creating new genres and utilizing 3D graphics. As computers became used in the office, more people became computer literate allowing games to reach a new audience.

The fourth and fifth generation of consoles took advantage of these new technologies and developed some games that are still today considered the best of all time like The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario and Final Fantasy. A rivalry quickly developed between Nintendos N64 and Sonys Playstation, with both reaching massive audiences.

Sixth generation consoles and the internet.

The next generation of consoles saw Microsoft enter the rivalry with its Xbox a three-way race that continues today. This generation of games also saw the internets rapid connection across the world, courtesy of the wifi standard and DSL popularity, allowing gamers to connect in ways they never had before. From online multiplayer gaming to reviewing and buying games digitally, the internet reshaped gaming radically.

Gaming today

Today, 4 out of 5 North American households own a console. Games are on our mobile phones, PCs and tablets. Games are rapidly advancing into new technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality. And what the future holds for gaming is limited only by our imagination.


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