Wear the latest on your wrist – Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear is a head turning accessory from the leaders in technological advancement and innovation – Samsung.

With a truck load of features, this is the ultimate tech accessory.

Some of its truly amazing features are –

  1. Sleek looking wrist wear makes it a combination of fashion and high tech worlds.
  2. You decide when and whom to be connected with – Preview your messages, emails and all notifications. Easy to read or simply ignore the texts without any notification to the sender.
  3. With help of voice memo, you can record anything my speaking into your gear on your wrist. These messages will then be transformed into notes and saved on your phone.
  4. With A 1.9 megapixel camera, you can easily click photos and videos when you are on the move.
  5. S voice helps in talking into your wrist gear without even touching it. Voice commands will activate phone calls when your hands are busy and even voice activate texts or emails.
  6. It’s a watch and a fashion accessory as well. So just flaunt it and make a fashion statement out of it.
  7. Galaxy Gear also works as a pedometer. Just strap it to your wrist and track any physical activity or go about your daily routine. Check how many steps you walked, kms you ran, or distance covered as well as calories burnt.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

So basically Samsung galaxy gear can do everything your phone can – but stays right at your wrist. It is perhaps built on lines of Google Glass – delivering as per user needs of hands free devices and comfort. Plus combining a daily wear item – like a wrist watch a important daily use product – a smart phone, it’s the best of both the worlds.

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